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Glass Office Partitions in a Variety of Designs Improve the Look of the Space Tags: custom glass showers

Glass office wall partitions create a brighter and more open space compared with high cubicles or solid walls, while still providing more privacy than a completely open office design. These partitions are beautifully designed and look impressive to employees, clients and visitors, especially when compared with the drab cubicles and similar workstations people are accustomed to. When it's time to give an old office a facelift, this is an excellent choice.

Sound Issues

Glass does allow for transmission of sound more than a solid wood panel or drywall does, but this can be minimized with thicker glass. One problem with an open office is everyone can hear the din of other people's phone conversations with customers and other associates, ringing phones, typing and other general noise. Anyone in charge of remodeling an office may want to get a cup of coffee and dedicate some time to visiting

Creating More Privacy

If the office managers feel that even more privacy is desirable, areas of opaque glass can be included with clear material. Frosted glass and material with etchings or designs added block full views from people in hallways and elsewhere. Some companies even hire an artist to paint logos or other designs on the partitions.


Frameless models are available when a company decides to install custom glass, but for an office setting, interior designers recommend having noticeable frames for the partitions. That will prevent anyone from not noticing that there is an actual glass barrier there and walking into it. Clean, clear glass is barely visible on its own. Wood and metal frames are most common. Examples of different designs can be viewed at a website like

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors installed by a company like Capitol Glass also can function as office walls. This is a suitable option for offices where supervisors, managers and executives do their work. The company may prefer that they are not shut off in corner and side offices, making them seem somewhat unapproachable. With a combination of solid opaque material, large windows and sliding glass doors, the office allows these higher-level employees to work in a quiet atmosphere while the other associates see them as part of the team.

With these innovative products, an office can be completely revamped to increase employee satisfaction and the opinion of current customers as well as prospective clients. The brighter, more open space feels more uplifting than one that is closed off with solid barriers.

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